Prolyte x30d specs

Metres, Feet, Weight (kg), Weight (lbs), Code, Item Number. The self- weight of the trusses has already been taken into account. PROLYTE E20D – ALLOWAbLE LOADINg.

FOR THE X30D – X30V – H30D – H30V. X40D – X40V AND H40V TRUSSES. Self weight of the trusses is already taken into account.

TRIANGLE LENGTH CM € 6Uw nettoprijs incl. X30D – Rental list working length (cm) weight. Truss X30D , self-supporting span.

Wij zijn importeur van diverse toonaangevende merken binnen onze branche. Prolyte truss driehoek X30D -L200. Leverancier van alle topmerken. CIRCLE_X30D_R_350_8_PIECE.

Goede kwaliteit en daardoor geschikt voor zowel mobiele als installatie.

The series is designed as a lightweight, light to medium . With a low weight and an incredible weight capacity, this truss is suited for . Maximum Uniformly Distributed Loa Maximum Centre Point Load. Self- weight of the trusses is already taken into account. Philharmonie Haarlem – Technical specs Main Hall – Rigging. Coupling of CT truss to a regular X30D truss with the . The truss has a low self- weight. Featuring a 90-degree ben the X30D is also equipped with CCSconical coupling systems for fast and easy assembly.

Specification for design and manufacture of aluminium and steel trusses and. XU30D truss, which is approximately of that of the X30D. Over 2Rolling Risers in a diversity of size, height and weight. Structure triangulaire X30D en aluminium. HxV): 90° x 60°, Dimensions (LxWxH): 3x 3x 6mm, Net Weight : 1kg.

This high-quality truss is fit for mobile as. If you are searching for a book diamond prolyte electrolyte analyzer operator manual in pdf.