Ersa soldering

Free delivery on eligible orders. Order by 8pm for same day dispatch. CON PICO electronically temperature-controlled soldering station, 80W, 115V with 1. W, compact formfactor, ESD protection.

Tip temperature measurement and FRPCB soldering test.

This soldering tip can be used for the soldering iron from the RDSsoldering station. Check out our wide range of products. ERSA Universal Soldering Irons. Innovative solution for intelligent manual soldering.

With the i-CON, ESRA has developed a soldering station which meets the requirements for the higher . For the most delicate soldering work and for applications with a medium heat requirement. After two shitty chinese soldering iron I finally decided to buy a better one. Soldering station i-CONoffers all the value- added features of the revolutionary i -CON in a double iron digital station with multiple soldering and desoldering .

Multi-functional anti-static high performance soldering station with large display, memory for calibration data, standby sensor, power level settings, and shut-off . Supplied with soldering station with soldering iron i-Tool nano, soldering tips ( mm) and support stand with dry cleaner. Plato is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tips in the worl producing tips to fit all of the most popular soldering stations. Get set for ersa soldering station at Argos.

Same Day delivery days a week £ 3. Soldering Technology – a never ending story for more than 0years. Flux Parent category: Solder accessories. Light quick- soldering gun, without transformer, with internally heated ERSADUR long-life soldering tip. Extremely short heating-up and cooling-down ti. My Item Reference (SKU): . Ersa soldering station i-CON – 1. With non-scaling soldering tip, 2v.

Tip finished at the shank to avoid scaling in the heating element. Features similar to copper tip. They also stand out on account of their continuous advance in technology . It is specially designed and constructed for .

It helps the solder wave eliminate skipping and shading. The concept of ultrasonic.